Famous Scottish Scientists

As part of your investigation on Famous Scottish Scientists, we have provided some web pages which are very useful for getting started.

Use the pages below to find out general background information about your chosen Scientists.

Once you have found as much information as you can on these sites feel free to do your own search.

  • Think about your keywords and search terms
  • Check the information is useful and relevant to your search use the information you already have to help you!
  • Be aware that some of the information may be too specialist
  • Take a note of the website you have used for your bibliography.
  • Try and use at least 2 different websites and 2 books in your investigation.
This website is really useful for background information on a selection of Scottish Scientist

The Scottish Scientists Hall of Fame. Information on the Scientists voted into the Top 10 Hall of Fame. Very useful for background information and details of their discoveries/inventions.

An extensive list of famous scientists and engineers. Remember to use the references and external links for additional information

A great list of Scottish Scientists and Engineers.

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